If you are interested booking me to facilitate a workshop, check out the descriptions below and book me. I’m awesome.

Dynamic workshops

In an effort to continue conversations toward growth, healing, and self-assessment, I offer a number of creative writing and critical pedagogy centered workshops that better equip folks in acquiring justice at both the personal and social level.  These workshops target self-worth, toxic masculinity, assessing your realities, neckties & handshakes, advocacy through spoken word, and mental health (Customized workshops offered upon request). 


Imagine a world without... 

"Imagine A World Without..." is a multi-layered workshop through which I encourage folks to think about the power of advocacy and using their voice. Society may not want to hear your ideas about change when they are framed as a debate but art has a way of making folks hear what they don't want to see and vice versa. (2 hour+)


NeckTies & Handshakes

Neckties & Handshakes focuses on the basic principles of manhood. I attempt to offer participants knowledge about the importance of first impressions, making eye contact, proper handshakes, basic hygiene tools, and how to tie a tie. These are the practices that many believe are passed on through a father-son relationship. Many of our young Kings are not being given the basics for presenting themselves properly in their pursuit of advancement opportunities. I believe this workshop can help. (1.5 hour+)


How to pimp a butterfly while acknowledging the cocoon

Using Kendrick Lamar’s  “To Pimp A Butterfly” album and Bell Hooks’ “We Real Cool” as consistent reference points, we can engage in conversations around mental health, self-love, and healing. This is a self-reflective workshop that challenges folks to think about how they contribute (or have) to the toxic downfall of what was meant to be beautiful (self, mates, community, truth, and power).  (1.5 hour+)