About Me

I wear various hats from husband to educator so, I want share a bit about myself with you.

About Me.

About Me.

About me

Timothy is currently serving as a Teacher at Antioch High School in Antioch, CA. He received his Master’s in Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago in 2016 and continues to dig deeper into his research around exoticism, disposability, and the healing of Black bodies. As an Artist/Spoken Word poet, Timothy has competed in the National Poetry Slam, InkSlam, College and Universities Poetry Slam Invitational, and countless other events. He is now conducting spoken word and critical pedagogy workshops that give students and community members a space to develop their voice and materialize their thoughts. Timothy recently released his first poetry and affirmation book entitled, “And Still I Rise to Fantasize” which attempts to channel Black resilience in the face of consistent trauma while having the unwavering courage to strive toward being holistically well.Timothy has devoted himself to making sure that people from low-income communities are prepared for and comfortable with the possibility of advocating for themselves to ensure that a true sense of community is accomplished.